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While my clients are focused on generating revenue, I keep their marketing engine running. One of my super powers is incorporating their “old” content (old blog posts, articles, books, interviews, etc.) to create a consistent online presence for them, always maintaining their “brand voice”. My clients love seeing their online presence ramp up – without having to do any of it themselves!

Why Build an Online Community

“People don’t want to be pitched to, marketed to, or herded like cattle. People do want information, answers, access, and recognition—and they want it all for free.” ~ Michael Stelzner, Launch

Social Media

Your Social Media accounts are the public window to your business. Your social media needs to always be current so your business appears lively and engaging.


Looking at a blank new post to write can be daunting without a plan. Creating and using an Editorial Calendar keeps you on track so that you have a consistent flow of content.

Email Newsletters

Email is still where the action is! People still live primarily in their in box, be sure to stay top of mind with your potential clients, colleagues and referral partners.

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