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As a service-based business, your “product” is YOU. Your team. The way you deliver. Your service business may not play well on reality TV, but that’s no reason you can’t get a little fame on the internet. Podcasting is the ideal format for service-based business owners to take the time and really explain the value of your business. It’s going to increase your visibility and credibility. It’s just like “Show and Tell,” for your Biz. You don’t want the Hollywood scene, but you wouldn’t mind holding center stage once in awhile…

Break Through the Noise with Podcasting!

While the blogging space is very saturated, the podcast space is not. For every 1,950 bloggers, there is only 1 person who is a podcaster. For every 7,800 female bloggers, there is only 1 woman who is a podcaster. Source: http://ducttapeselling.com/reasons-you-should-podcast/


Podcasting is a FANTASTIC way to create new content for your Blog, Social Media and Email Newsletter, especially if you much prefer to talk rather than write!


Looking at a blank new post to write can be daunting without a plan. Creating and using an Editorial Calendar keeps you on track so that you have a consistent flow of content.

Social Media

Your Social Media accounts are the public window to your business. Your social media needs to always be current so your business appears lively and engaging.

Email Marketing

Email is still where the action is! People still live primarily in their in box, be sure to stay top of mind with your potential clients, colleagues and referral partners.

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