Podcasting + Blogging = Marketing on a Budget

Your business may not play well on reality TV, but that’s no reason you (and your business) can’t get a little fame on the internet! Blog Posts are an ideal way to promote your services by giving a tasting/sampling that gives a flavor of what your client receives when they work with you and your team. This is also the best way to keep your website fresh and positively impact your website’s ranking in Google Search.

The reason I strongly suggest hosting your own Podcast is because it’s such a great way to generate new content for your Blog. Most coaches I know love to talk rather than write. When you think about it, Podcasting feels almost exactly like a 1:1 coaching session – except that now you can do a whole lot more talking. 😉 Then I do the technical stuff of transcribing the post, creating a riveting persuasive blog post from your dialogue, creating social media posts – heck, we can even create a downloadable PDF from this one Podcast, that you can use as a Lead Magnet to get people to opt-in to your Email List (huge value right there!)

Who do you interview? Start with your network. People you hope will be your ideal client some day. It’s so much easier to reach out and offer a guest spot on your show, then reaching out to say, “Hey, buy my service.” You could even interview business partners also serving this same community, and helping boost their business (and yours!) by featuring them on your website. Podcasts serve to share your personalities, give real-world stories, and populate your Blog Posts/Emails/Social Media.

Podcasts are ideal for your time-crunched target audience who may not have the time/desire to read, but can easily listen from iTunes in their car or during their workout. I help you launch and manage your Podcast, and leverage each Podcast episode to create content that can be used in multiple places.


Examples of Deliverables:

  • Craft a running list of interview topics list.
  • Draft Email for you to personally invite your VIP clients, Business Partners, etc.
  • Help secure guests for your Show.
  • Manage the Podcast schedule of Show Guests.
  • Transcribe/write/schedule Blog Post “Show Notes.”
  • Create PDF downloadable freebie/checklist that accompanies each post to build your Email List.
  • Promote in Social Media before/during/after interviews.
  • Draft copy to include in your Email Newsletter.

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