Email Marketing

As we know, Social Media is a very cluttered and noisy environment, with people shifting gears every few seconds or so. Emails are still the hot destination for capturing your readers’ attention. This is a proactive way to stay in front of your prospects and continue building that relationship with them.

Example of Deliverables:

  • Brainstorm headline ideas for your Lead Magnet (otherwise known as a “Freemium” or “Pink Spoon” or “Irresistible Free Offer”), e.g., 101 Ways How To _______; give this away when people opt-in to your Email Newsletter.
  • Create your Lead Magnet from existing content and turn into a downloadable PDF.
  • Highlight your recent Podcast episodes and Blog Posts.
  • Include a list of your events, and promote your products and services.
  • Share with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks.

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