Social Media

Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

  • This may be time-consuming or drudgery for you – but it’s FUN for me!  😉
  • I help set-up your Social Media pages/accounts (or in the likely event you have these set up already – I take a look around and make some copy/design tweaks).
  • I create a Marketing Calendar for you and write posts directly tied to your products and services. These posts are written in batches and submitted for your review/approval prior to scheduling.
  • I help you develop an outreach plan to your current email and social connections.
  • Once you’ve leveraged your current connections, I help you strategize, design and launch your Facebook Advertising plan, to further broaden your reach.
  • I don’t suggest you opt-out altogether from participating in social media – not by any means, Social Media is a TERRIFIC way to easily connect with your prospects online. The value of what I bring is to strategize with you, and then I establish a content marketing plan and consistently execute against your plan:
      • Your Social Media accounts will always be current and your business will appear very lively.
      • I suggest a templated calendar plan that will include posts about your services, as well as building in other types of content.
      • The beauty is you can simply “jump into the conversation” whenever you want…and rest assured, I’ll make sure your baseline content keeps going…and going…

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