I was recently a guest on Nichole's Biz and Tell podcast, and it was so much fun! Nichole really knows her stuff and is a warm and welcoming show host. She has the unique ability to bring out the best in you, and a true passion for helping coaches and service-based business owners get the word out about what they do and reach the people who need them most.

If you're looking to expand your reach by starting a podcast, but you're feeling overwhelmed with all that goes in to it, get Nichole on your side! She'll set it all up seamlessly for you and make the process feel like a breeze!

Alicia Jay Owner, New VA Advice July 6, 2016

I recently served as a guest on Nichole's podcast and it was a wonderful experience. She interviewed me about retirement coaching and made me feel at ease immediately. She did her homework about the topic and asked great questions. Nichole made the experience fun and easy. I would work with her again any time to help me with my social media or setting up my own podcast.

Joanne Waldman Retirement Coach & Owner of New Perspective Coaching August 26, 2016

I recently had the honor of being the featured guest on Nichole's Biz and Tell LIVE podcast. This being a first for me, I was nervous but no need...Nichole has a warm, welcoming nature and created an ideal atmosphere. She was extremely prepared for the segment, sent me what to expect as well as some questions she may touch on. Our interview spanned 30 minutes and I felt like we were old friends, chatting for 5 minutes at most.
What a great opportunity to help spread the word on my business! Thanks Nichole!

Jennifer D'Alessandro Career Agent/Owner of Be. by Jen July 6, 2016

As my blog editor and social media writer, Nichole takes my blog posts and course materials and edits them into blog posts and social media postings. One of the things I love about working with Nichole is that she writes posts that are energetically aligned with my business, Karen Cappello Coaching. Nichole has also worked on our 10K Platinum Group business, and somehow, she has this gift and intuition of being able to help express the energy of each of these businesses. Nichole really understands and captures your business voice!

Karen Cappello, MCC Master Certified Coach July 6, 2016

Nichole is passionate about social media. She knows the ins and outs of making social media work for you. There is no cookie-cutter approach but a desire to understand your business and find the most effective way to reach your people. Plus Nichole is an open networker who is unafraid of bringing in other experts if needed. She truly has your business success in mind first and foremost. And she is a joy to work with.

Melissa Heisler Run Your Business-Don't Let It Run You Down ★Stress Reduction Expert ★Type Me Coach ★Author of "From Type A to Type Me" July 6, 2016

I was referred to Nichole for work in creating an ezine for my coaching business. I came to her with few initial ideas and thoughts. Within minutes she had looked at my website and developed a customized ezine that matched my website. Not only were the results beyond my expectations, but she made the creative process fun!

Collaborating with Nichole on her radio show was a fun, learning experience as well. Her super power is that she can convey her incredible knowledge into regular language that makes you feel like you just had a great talk with a girlfriend! I highly recommend working with Nichole if you want to grow your business and have fun while doing it.

Diane C. Murray-Fleck, MSW PCC July 6, 2016

Nichole is the Newsletter Editor and Social Media Manager for the Chicago Coach Federation. We are so happy to have had Nichole join our team! She is a goldmine of marketing and PR, with a keen eye for design. As coaches, we see obstacles and difficulties as opportunities; this is clearly how Nichole has lived her life. She has a “can do” attitude. She is always thinking “out of the box,” having the unusual ability to look at things from every angle and perspective. She has a quick turnaround time, as well as produces a thoughtful and thorough product. She becomes a member of your team, and strives to protect the team and the organization. Nichole is happy, truly happy and is wonderful to work with.

Susan Slocum TSAB Consulting and Coaching LLC July 6, 2016

Nichole has a wonderful talent for social media writing and editing. She takes what I've written in my book and blog posts, and edits it into social media postings in a way that intrigues you, all while maintaining "my own voice." It's a real gift to take my words, put a fun twist on them, and still sound "like me." I've even landed a client through Facebook since I've been working with Nichole! A long-time friend was following my posts on Facebook, which led her to my website. She said she “got lost” on my website and loved my writing style from my blogs as well - this inspired her to read more about my coaching services. It all started with the Facebook posts.

Carolyn Coradeschi Top Producers Edge Sales Performance Coach, Speaker & Author at Southwestern Consulting July 6, 2016

Trying to find the best marketing solution for your business? Nichole Santoro is IT!! She meets you where you're at, works with you to develop a realistic, affordable and organic marketing strategy and holds your hand all the way through implementation in each area. Her business model allows for her to grow her services in tandem with the growth of your business. I cannot recommend her enough! She's a delight to work with and an incredible resource.

July 6, 2016

Your Front eOffice offers remote accounting to its clients who do not want to manage an in house accounting function. I wanted to bring both our expertise and down to earth personality to our brand but did not have the experience nor the knowledge of how to pull this off. A client of ours recommended Nichole and that was the end of trying to get the brand right. She is always cheerful, full of energy, loves a challenge and I love her for it. I highly recommend her!!

Kay Morgan President, Your Front eOffice, Inc. July 6, 2016

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